The NFT and crypto - Sharkdao

Join SharkDAO today! SharkDAO started as a group of Internet strangers interested in pooling together resources to acquire Nouns, a novel experiment in generative, code-driven art. Since we started on August 9, 2021, we’ve acquired 5 nouns, brought together over 400 Sharks, and raised almost 1000 ETH. We are here to evolve the Web3 ecosystem. Let's BITE. Sharks evolve the Web3 ecosystem by building a community that collects Nouns, helping steer and grow the NounsDAO ecosystem, and partnering with artists, developers, and DAOs to create new blockchain experiences. Values Building Community, experience and culture. Innovative Speed and collaboration to drive growth. Transparent Open & inclusive. Ecosystems Creating value around the Nouns, NFT, and the Web3 space. Community @fishytootbrush@fishytootbrush @davecurry@davecurry @numo@numo Frequently Asked Questions What are Nouns? Nouns are fun characters. One is created each day and auctioned off. The auction proceeds are controlled by Noun owners — each Noun has one vote in NounsDAO. So Nouns is a DAO — and SharkDAO is... a DAO. Is this confusing? Yeah, it is. Our friend INVDR made these infographics to help. What is SHARK token? SHARK is the governance token of this DAO, enabling you to vote and steer the mission and how we deploy resources. I’m intrigued, what are the major risks? The NFT and crypto spaces are volatile. Please don't put in money or ETH that you can't afford to lose. While SharkDAO volunteers are working hard and putting their reputation on the line, we can't promise that everything will go smoothly. Here are some very bad things that could happen: 3 of our multi-sig signers could theoretically run off with the wallet, or lose their keys at the same time. We would lose everything. Rekt. There could be a bug in the smart contract code that a hacker exploits. We would lose everything. NFTs could crash, never to recover. It’s hard to spend illiquid jpegs. The Noun project could crash, never to recover. It’s hard to spend an illiquid, highly pixelated pineapple or chainsaw. What wallet are you using? How is it secured? We are using a Gnosis Safe wallet that contains a Juicebox NFT. Funds will move between Juicebox and the wallet. Transactions must be signed by 3 of 6 members, elected by the DAO:, @defi jesus, @xaix.eth, @Lithium, @jango, and @dropnerd. These members have a long history in the community, but of course there is always a risk when others are holding funds, and you should consider this before you contribute. How do I join? Joining instructions are in the Discord server.